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I started Notes From The Valley as a bit of an experiment. I felt like the world had become a tricky place for many people - me included - to navigate, so I wanted to connect in with people in a kind of 'checking in' way that asked nothing in return. 

I used to call my Mum and talk about the world, the Universe and everything every Sunday. Now that my Mum is no longer here, I send a note out into the ether every Sunday instead.

Now three months in, there’s a lovely wee community. I’m guessing a lot of people used to have people to call on a Sunday that aren’t here any more. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s lovely. Sometimes people write back and sometimes they don’t, but there’s a steadily growing community of people who are just getting on doing life checking in and reading my thoughts every Sunday.

If you feel like you could be doing with more intrusive thoughts from a big, mouthy, Scottish woman during your weekend, then Subscribe. You can read the blogs for free, and a paid subscription will give you the audio recordings I put at the bottom of each post, and a welcome into the virtual kitchen at the party, to chat about stuff in a more informal way.

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Notes and ramblings from professional show off, Lynn Ferguson, direct from the San Fernando Valley California, via Cumbernauld.


Writer/performer/entertainment mongrel. Co wrangler at Youtellyours.com The Scottish chicken in Chicken Run 1 and 2. Pro choicer all the way.