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Lynn coaches individuals working on the theory that everybody has a story going on in their head that they think everybody can hear but nobody can. She uses story-based methods and techniques that she has developed throughout her varied career in acting, writing, and performing stand-up comedy. Some clients need help with writer’s block or other challenges to their ability to create the kinds of works that they desire to produce. Others she has helped develop specific written work, business presentations, theatre pieces, movie scripts, blogs, and other media. Some people have a complex personal narrative that gets in the way of them living life to its fullest. Lynn works in conjunction with therapists and medical professionals to add a narrative perspective to their patients.

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Group Events / Facilitation

Having spent many years in the business world I am obsessed with human connection in groups.

My experience in business is that when a team isn’t performing as well as it might, managers and leaders often look to time and project management tools, or seek someone to blame. However, the issue is much more likely to be a lack of human connection and understanding within the team.

I know that storytelling is how humans connect and so we developed a method of facilitated story-based experiences to help all types of groups or teams.

Marketers and performers keep telling us that not everyone can tell stories, but they are talking about tightly structured sales presentations and performative stories.

We know that everyone can tell their own stories!

And people tell their own stories all the time, whether they want to or not. Everyone knows someone who shows the opposite of what they think they are saying. Like the second-hand car dealer who says ‘honestly’ too often, or the story that the list of a drug’s side effects tells at the end of a commercial.

For the past 5 years or so, we have been successfully running events for all sorts of groups, including government teams, medical practices, architecture firms, and non-organizational groups (e.g. ‘singles events’ where everyone arrives as a stranger).

We offer online and in-person group events to improve group dynamics, lift the mood, and create stronger connections.

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